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Our Books! What Do You Think Of Them?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

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Hello to you, our fans of Old Kai's Comics and new comers!

First of all, I hope that you are having the awesomest of days. When this company was started three years ago, we just jumped into it head on, I would say somewhat unprepared, which was good, not knowing what to expect gave us the courage to experiment and tinker. Here we are three years later and we have just completed our first event, a convention in King City, California where we got a chance to interact and get our works into the hands of you the prospective fans.

We are booked for a further ten or maybe eleven conventions around the state and hope to expand eventually, it was super fun and we hope to bring the same energy and enthusiasm to every convention.

We are looking forward to meeting with you whomever you are, and what shape, size or color you come in, and getting a chance to have a dialog and talk about anything that we are doing that you might be interested in, and also finding out more about you and your comic book/manga journey and experiences, so don't be shy, hahaha.

Be Safe! Stay Strong! Keep Healthy!

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