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Dogon & The Three Suns: The Tri-Galactic Tournament

Dogon & The Three Suns: The Tri-Galactic Tournament

There is something different today for a God that smiles so much, and to think this whole thing could have come to a fiery end, almost only seventeen thousand years ago. The Known Universe was very unstable back then, my, it has come a long way since those days of instability, now there is a moment of Relative Peace, in my quadrant, The Voodoon Quadrant.

The Children of The Great Ones have been in the stasis pods now for about five thousand years. Talk about overprotective parents!

I have a feeling that something special is about to begin unfolding soon, that will throw The Known Universe into a cloud of confusion as it once was. You see the thing about confusion is, within it, there is always great opportunity for better or worse. The Gods have long since signed a pact, in which all refuse to intervene in the lives of the so-called lesser beings, their creations.

But some Gods are known to be dirty beings!

That is, except for him, I once asked why he cares so much, the answer that I got was quite festive and concise. Of all of us, there is something different about Enki, it’s almost like he has a heartbeat, all living beings have this, but we Gods are beyond living beings.

He has questions!

Questions that the others could not even fathom of conceiving or put together, what an impact that one had on him. He was untainted by the ills of this world, not in the sense that there were no connections to the negatives of the outward world. But in that to him, whether he believed himself or not, in his words, “he was going to find a place and make it home.

Dogon & The Three Suns: The Tri-Galactic Tournament
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