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Dogon & The Three Suns: The Tri-Galactic Tournament (The Fantasia Parade Special)

{Take A Trip Far Away To A Realm of Gods & Celestials   Lands Like The Island Chain Planets, Dogon, Pharda & Phardrea, Vikage.


Even in times of peace the warrior cannot let his guard down and become complacent. Men of the sword must be ever watchful, ever diligent and ever conscientious. For they are bearers of hope and light, the carriers of the torch of freedom in spirit and its essence. Experience a story quite unlike any other where young warriors, Guardians as they are known discover what it means to hold the hilt of the sword!


Enter the world of The Voodoon Quadrant, a mysterious place within The Known Universe and you will come by way of The Planet, Dogon, which has three suns Amaru, Uldiano and Thynkrenosene, you might potentially learn of places like Ameriah, home of The Sacred Band, visit the temples of Enki and Olodumare to see the citizens worship and most importantly you might witness The Tri-Galactic Tournament, between Mesopa, Umi and The Voodoon Quadrant.

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Starship Galactic_lg.jpg
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